Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dreaming of Politics........

Or shall I say having political NIGHTMARES!! If any of you are Obama fans, please stop reading b/c you won't like what's on my mind. Actually, keep reading so I can change your mind, or at least encourage you to really research the candidates.

Am I alone in how frustrating this campaign for the presidency is? I mean ALL the news media is so bias it is ridiculous. Do they ever ask Obama any tough questions? NO. Do we know what he will do in Washington with all this "change" he's talking about? NO. Do they talk about how he's friends with a guy who bombed the pentagon 40 yrs ago and was happy about 9/11 attacks? NO. Do they talk about his support of horrifying partial birth abortions? NO. Do they criticize his wife for "not being proud to be an American, until now when her husband is running for President". NO. Does he have ANY and I mean ANY experience in managing ANYTHING? NO. Seriously, how the heck did he get the nominee? And why are Americans so ignorant that they actually listen and believe liberal media? Most people don't even research the topics at hand and what their candidate stands for. Try listening to 550am and 960AM - conservative talk radio. You will learn things that will blow your mind! And you won't hear them on TV b/c the liberal media doesn't want you to hear the good things about McCain and the bad things about Obama. They make Obama out to be some sort of hero. McCain is a TRUE HERO.

Now, I have not always been "into" politics. I admit, I usually just voted with whomever my hubby and Dad and brother thought was best - mind you always a conservative Republican. And I would watch the news to learn about the candidates- I didn't realize how corrupt it was at the time. But this time around I have really started enjoying learning about politics and the people who are making decisions that AFFECT MY FAMILY. (plus Joe recently told me he thinks it's sexy when a woman is involved in politics and current affairs) :-) I don't want higher taxes, I don't want to support terrorists by buying oil from them, I don't want a health care plan that the government chooses - IT WON'T BE GOOD HEALTH CARE - research the topic! I want a conservative that is PRO-LIFE, that will let me choose how I want to spend MY HARD EARNED MONEY, and I especially want a President that will PROTECT THIS COUNTRY and has the experience and guts to do so. I mean it truly scares me to think of Obama as President. I think our country will be a target of more terrorist attacks. Obama is a world class pansy. I just hope and pray that McCain gets elected. Plus, I LOVE SARAH PALIN. Sure she doesn't have as much "Washington" experience as previous VP picks might have had, but frankly I like that better. That means she's not so diseased in her mind about politics. I love that she's not afraid to "shake things up" and expose corruption. I love that they won't allow earmark spending. And I love that she brings youth to the McCain ticket. Plus she's a woman -so FINALLY SOME MULTI-TASKING in the big white house on the hill ! :-)

Okay, ranting and raving are over. I had to get this off my chest. Plus, I really have had two scary dreams about Obama winning. One where I heard some "classified info" that would harm his campaign, so he and his posse were chasing me around a cruise ship trying to catch me so I wouldn't tell anyone. :-) But seriously, it's unsettling. Register to vote if you haven't already. Request a mail in ballot - it's so easy to vote this way. Let's make the right choice and get McCain into the White House!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Little Bro Is Finally Married!

Hooray for Scottie! He married a gorgeous gal - Tiffany Hatfield this past month and we couldn't be happier for them. So congrats and we love you guys!

Oh So Pretty!

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves! Sorry Babe, but I had to throw your's in just look so .....cute! :-)

So.....Am I Your Girlfriend?

So lately Annalise has been asking questions about girlfriend/boyfriend stuff (mercy me she is boy crazy just like her mama). She even has her dolls be boyfriend and girlfriend. Luckily the picture below is them dancing, not kissing!

So now the funny part of the story.....

Lately she's been calling Joe her boyfriend and asking him if she's his girlfriend. His usual response is that "mommy's his only girlfriend" which she starts crying......then he'll say, "but you're my friend AND your a girl so you're my girlfriend too" which she smiles. So, we're all eating dinner, and Ava and I leave the table, so Joe and Annalise are sitting alone. Suddenly she starts acting all flirty and girly and says, "Soooo, isn't it nice that we're having dinner alone together? " Then she throws her head back and giggles like a school girl! I, of course started laughing hysterically because she is SO my child, and Joe just sat there feeling a little uncomfortable - which is SO Joe! So can everyone pray that we can contain this flirty little girl! :-)