Monday, December 15, 2008

Vote Please

Here's some of our family pics that I'm trying to decide on for Christmas cards (if I ever get them out - they may be New Years cards instead). Which one is your favorite?




And thanks to our good friends the Youngs for taking our pictures! We think yours turned out pretty darn cute too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bailey - the dog - is apparently engaged...

Two cute cousins "Making a Wedding for Bailey".

Lately Annalise has been obsessed with our dog Bailey. She plays cowgirl, where she's the cowgirl and Bailey is the horse. She'll make corrals for Bailey and insists she sleep in them, she'll lasso the poor pup and is constantly terrorizing her.

And new to the routine is asking me every single day when Bailey will have puppies(p.s. - Bailey was fixed a year ago). Finally I told her she can't have puppies b/c she's not married. Yah, that only worked for a day or two b/c now she asks when Bailey is going to get married. I caught her and her little cousin Macey covering Bailey with rose petals (all the petals off my rose bush actually) because the were "making a wedding for Bailey". :-) And just now she asked me if we could go to the marriage store so we could get Bailey married. :-) Yep, I think I have some explaining to do.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Can't Tweeze My Eyebrows!

Joe and I went rock climbing on Saturday. I wanted some variations to my workout and wanted to find something we could do together. Little did I know how sore it would make me. I thought my legs and biceps would be sore. Nope. My fingers are KILLING me! And my forearms too! In fact, I went to tweeze a few stray hairs on my eyebrows and yikes! I was very much reminded of the previous days activity! So here's to rock climbing and Joe and I getting certified next Saturday!!

Oh, and of course I must mention (in case Joe ever looks at this blog), that he beat my climbing time on each climb! Once only be mere seconds! I swear, he's like a monkey the way he climbs! I, however in my competitive nature, did three more climbs than he did. Yeah, that's right! And I'm going to practice so next time I can beat his time. I have to find one sport that I'm better at than him. Good luck to me!