Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toilet Paper Gratitude

About a week ago I was moaning and groaning to Annalise about how sad I'll be when she goes to Kindergarten (Please tell me all moms give their kids guilt trips about leaving them?). I was telling her all the things I'll miss about her being gone. Then I said, "Plus, who will bring me toilet paper if it runs out on me? Ava doesn't even know where to find it". I was very serious in telling her just how important her role as my daughter is! :-).

Now fast forward to today. Lunch time roles around and I'm talking to her again, saying things such as, "You can't go to school. Just stay home one more year, I'll miss you so much, etc....etc...". She tells me she definitely IS going to school because now she's excited about it. Then after she gets up I hear her go into the other room and say this to Ava, "Ava, come here. I need to teach you something. I need to teach you where the toilet paper is so if Mommy ever needs some you can get it." Well, Ava must not have been a good student because then she says, "I'll just get one out for ever day I'll be gone". And lo and behold, I went into the bathroom and there is about 10 rolls gracing my magazine basket. I guess I go through a LOT of toilet paper people!

I think it's hilarious that the thing she thinks I worry most about her being gone is me running low on toilet paper! Gotta love it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready or Not....

I cannot come to grips that my little girl is going to Kindergarten soon. One more week. That is all I have left and then, she might has well be in college. I mean really? This is the end of her childhood at home. It won't ever be the same. Really. Yes I am moping. I have so many "what if" questions. Like what if other kids teach her bad things? Have I taught her enough to make good choices? I don't know. I do look forward to there being a bit more quiet and peace with her gone during the day, but I will miss my firstborn. Really I will. She makes me laugh and I just love her. Her sister will be so sad not to have a playmate. Every night for the past week I have gone to sleep asking Joe questions about what I'm going to do when she's gone. I know I'm probably blowing it way out of proportion, but this seems huge. I am not looking forward to next Monday. Life will change. I'm not one who particularly likes change. Any suggestions for this scared little Mama?