Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baywatch Hotties?

Joe, this post is to prove how silly you are to the rest of the world. You definatley make me smile! These pics are from a trip we took to San Clemete beach this summer with some friends. Joe, and his best friend Jon, decided to pretend they were Baywatch Hotties (you know I egged them on). Anyway, it was hilarious. Hope you're not too embarassed Babe!

Just Plain Silly

Tonight, we were just plain silly. Somehow, Joe started pulling Annalise around on this old blanket - all through the house. Then he would pull her from the tile onto the carpet - which would make her fly off. It was hilarious and she was laughing her head off. Well, then Joe thought I should try it with her (too bad no one was there for THAT picture). I must say it was a blast and I really felt like a kid again. Poor Joe wanted a ride too, but as much as Lisee and I tried to pull him, we couldn't get the blanket to budge! Maybe next time Joe's friends are over he can ask them for a ride! :-) Ha Ha!

Halloween 2007

This Halloween was so fun. Annalise actually allowed us to dress her as something other than a kitty! She was a beautiful fairy princess and Ava was an adorable witch. We had a blast listening to them "Trick or Treat" and we still have gobbs and gobbs of "bribing candy" left over. Before taking the kids around, our closest neighbors and us had a soup and hot cocoa pot luck. We really love our neighbors and the kids had so much fun. Joe was a bit of a spoil sport and wouldn't dress up this year - and you can't really tell from the picture, but I was a cowgirl. Well, until next year.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Summers in Greer

Okay, so this post is for all the people who've been asking me why I havn't post in months (especially you Vonda!). I was looking through pictures tonight and came across this picture that we took at the cabin. The first pic is my Dad, Annalise and her cousing Gunner. When I was a kid we used to sit on my Dad's stomache, just like this picture. Sure looks comfy huh? We would sit there for a good hour or so, watching TV. Good memories. I'll post some other random cabin pictures as well. Each summer we spend a lot of time at our cabin in Greer. Annalise even has a "cabin backpack" that is ready to go at all times. And even though we told her we're not going till next summer, she refuses to unpack. I love that she loves it there. Actually, we love Greer so much that Ava's full name is Ava Greer Larson! We build a lot of family memories with the Grandparents and cousins.