Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girls Room Makeover! Pink - Red - White

My Mom's been bugging me for these pics - so here they are. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears, but it's finally done! I bought these beds off Craiglist for a steal and stripped and stained them. It about killed me and Joe was mad the whole time b/c he was worried I might be prego while I was staining and he didn't want me around the fumes. But, he just doesn't have the time to do it and when I want something...........................well, let's just say it got done didn't it? :-)
I wasn't prego at the time so that was good. But I am prego now for those of you who didn't catch it a few weeks ago. Be prepared for me to turn into an elephant. It's very scary!
Anywhoo, one night I was in bed thinking of what I could do to transform the girls room. I started getting ideas and had to get out of bed and sketch what I wanted to do until about 2am in the morning. Yep, that's how I roll!

Dollar Store Frames spray painted brown. I love a deal!

These dang flowers about killed me. And yes - they are supposed to look like a childs drawing! :-)

The middle fabric is a table runner, the red is a cheap tablecloth and the red "buttons" were 50 cent mirrors spray painted red.

Another room down, hopefully soon, it'll be my bedroom that gets the re-do. It's a little white trashy right now! First I have to come up with a plan......

Cabin and Summer Fun

We were at the cabin a lot this summer but I was lame and only took a few pics!

We went on a hike to our favorite pond and picked wild rasberries. They are yummy! I used to do this as a kid and bring them back to the cabin for my mom to make muffins with. So, we let the tradition continue and our girls were so excited for me to make these muffins with their hand picked rasberries. They worked hard for these and had LOTS of scrapes to prove it! :-)

Cute Cousins!

The family on the Fourth of July!

The King of Forts

The girls were in heaven when I went on a girls weekend and Joe build them this fort! This is where I found them when I got home!

Learning to ride a TWO WHEEL BIKE! Woo Hoo!!

It started when I asked Joe to replace the broken training wheels on her bike. Her started to, said a few Mormon curse words :-), then decided it would be faster to teach her how to ride with out them! I couldn't watch and went inside. Needless to say, it only took about two minutes and did AWESOME!!! Even her turns were great with only a few spills. I'm so proud. Thanks for being so brave Joe and teaching her what I couldn't!

Ava needed a picture thrown in too, and I think she won for best dressed this day! :-) She can sure put together some crazy combo's!!

Preschool Ends, Kindergarten Begins!!

Here's to playing catch-up for the next few posts!!

Annalise loved preschool at Ruckus Kids! Here's Preschool Graduation!

This picture didn't have anything to do with preschool - I just thought it was funny!

-------------------------------- -

KINDERGARTEN!! Here's the big day with a fashion show of her UNIFORMS!

She's a beautiful girl who loves kindergarten and has fabulous friends and a great teacher - Mrs. Moore. She's had some typical girl drama, but hopefully it's all worked out now!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That's What Friends Are For!!!

I don't know if I should name names, okay I will - Alyne you ROCK!!! I was complaining to my friend Alyne about how I've been sick with the flu and my girls have been sick and I have morning sickness up the wazoo! And to top it off, I haven't been grocery shopping in like two weeks and I feel guilty that I've been giving my kids junk to eat because I just couldn't bare going grocery shopping. Anyway, she INSISTED on picking me up something to make for dinner tonight. I resisted - but man she's persuasive! Anyway, she gets to my house and calls me to have me open the garage.

And this is the loot she brought inside. I tried paying her, but she wouldn't have it. Isn't she sweet!

I got teary eyed and thanked her. Then my girls and I had a great talk about how to be a friend.

Thanks Alyne for being a great friend and taking care of me when I needed you! Love ya girl!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Family Must Endure Once More

UPDATE!!! My Dad had surgery today and it went very well! He's recovering now and we'll have to wait a few weeks to see if the surgery was effective. Thanks for all your prayers!

My Dad is probably the most amazing person (besides you mom :-)) that I know. Whenever I have a question about life, finances, spirituality, marriage, etc - it is him I want to call. It is his advice I crave. It is him that makes me feel better about MY trials. And yet, here he is facing his biggest trial. My father has cancer. And I hate it.

I have tried not to think or talk about it much, mostly because I don't really want to believe it is there. You see, I truly cannot imagine my life without him. Now, don't let me fool you, he will fight. He is a fighter in every sense of the word. But cancer is just mean and his future isn't certain. I like to prepare for the future. I like knowing what is around the corner. And I want the future to be WITH my father, forever really, because that's how long I NEED him to be in my life. I guess I'm selfish like that.

I have to face the reality of what is happening. And I could use your help. He's having surgery on the 8th and I would love for all my friends to be praying for him. All who meet him, love him and he deserves some extra help from heaven! :-)

Love you Paps, be strong and remember I love you the most!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toilet Paper Gratitude

About a week ago I was moaning and groaning to Annalise about how sad I'll be when she goes to Kindergarten (Please tell me all moms give their kids guilt trips about leaving them?). I was telling her all the things I'll miss about her being gone. Then I said, "Plus, who will bring me toilet paper if it runs out on me? Ava doesn't even know where to find it". I was very serious in telling her just how important her role as my daughter is! :-).

Now fast forward to today. Lunch time roles around and I'm talking to her again, saying things such as, "You can't go to school. Just stay home one more year, I'll miss you so much, etc....etc...". She tells me she definitely IS going to school because now she's excited about it. Then after she gets up I hear her go into the other room and say this to Ava, "Ava, come here. I need to teach you something. I need to teach you where the toilet paper is so if Mommy ever needs some you can get it." Well, Ava must not have been a good student because then she says, "I'll just get one out for ever day I'll be gone". And lo and behold, I went into the bathroom and there is about 10 rolls gracing my magazine basket. I guess I go through a LOT of toilet paper people!

I think it's hilarious that the thing she thinks I worry most about her being gone is me running low on toilet paper! Gotta love it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready or Not....

I cannot come to grips that my little girl is going to Kindergarten soon. One more week. That is all I have left and then, she might has well be in college. I mean really? This is the end of her childhood at home. It won't ever be the same. Really. Yes I am moping. I have so many "what if" questions. Like what if other kids teach her bad things? Have I taught her enough to make good choices? I don't know. I do look forward to there being a bit more quiet and peace with her gone during the day, but I will miss my firstborn. Really I will. She makes me laugh and I just love her. Her sister will be so sad not to have a playmate. Every night for the past week I have gone to sleep asking Joe questions about what I'm going to do when she's gone. I know I'm probably blowing it way out of proportion, but this seems huge. I am not looking forward to next Monday. Life will change. I'm not one who particularly likes change. Any suggestions for this scared little Mama?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Loved Man....My Dad!

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day!

I hope you know what wonderful memories I have of my childhood and a lot of that is because of you! You always initiated family outings, work projects, and everyday ways to become closer as a family. At the time I didn’t really understand what you were doing – I truly didn’t realize how much work and effort it was to include us kids. It’s so much easier to buy “the wanted toy” for your child, than to teach them the principle of hard word and ownership. I find myself constantly thinking how you would handle a situation. Most of the time I feel like I am failing miserably in comparison to how good of a parent you were to me. But I’ll keep trying – with advice from you along the way!!

I also find myself telling me friends about you often – about the principles you taught us, and all the lessons I learned as a child. Many of these lessons my friends are now learning the hard way. THANK YOU!!! I am truly indebted to you for the wisdom I learned at such a young age. I’m also so grateful that you were strict enough to keep me in line – because heaven only knows what trouble I could have found myself in, if not for your watchful eye.

And along with the lessons learned, you showed me great love. You always tried to spend time with me. I didn’t always take advantage of that time, something I wish I could take back. I always felt so special with the one on one time you gave to me. I knew you loved me then, and I know you love me now. I always felt important in your life. And you – dear Paps – are just as important in MY life. I love you so much. Thank you for being the most wonderful Father I can imagine. I love you!

PS - let me not forget the father of my children either. Joe - you are such a wonderful father to our little girls. Often I find myself wondering how you have the patience you do with them. They adore you! They light up when you come home. They ask for you constantly. They LOVE you and so do I. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pony Party for Annalise and Ava the Birthday Girls!

Lots of Pictures of the FOUR parties we had to celebrate our girls! Sorry they are not in order - something is wrong with blogger so I can't move the pics in the right order! Ava and Joe at their bday party.

Joe enjoying the last of Shirleys cake!

Ava eating her edible bracelet.

All the kids got to make bracelets.

The cute cake Shirley made. It was yummy. She's so sweet to make cakes for them. It's become a tradition that they remember and ask for her cakes every year. Thanks Shirley - you are a wonderful friend.

The long line for a pony ride!!

The Darling Birthday Girls!

What a fun day!

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters whose birthdays are just a month apart. Annalise turned 5 and Ava turned 3. Actually we ended up doing about 4 parties - one for Annalise with Joe's parents, another later that day for Annalise with MY parents, one for Ava with family friends and the big joint party in between their actual birthdays! Whew! We decided to do a joint party for them and go all out and get ponies! They were soooo excited and had such a wonderful time at their party. All the kids loved the pony rides too. My good friend Shirley made the rainbow cake and it was as good on the inside as it looked on the outside. We forgot to get a good picture of it before the first piece was served though. I made the other pony cake - although half of the marshmellow "fence" got taken down before we got that picture too! I was nervous that one cake wouldn't be enough so I made an extra one just in case. Boy am I glad I did! The day was wonderful with lots of family and friends. Also, the birthday for Ava was also celebrating Joe's bday (Happy BDay Babe). I made a yummy Lemon Poppyseed cake with strawberry filling and a white chocolate frosting. Holy Cow was that worth every calorie! Thanks to all who came and Happy Birthday my darling daughters! We love you!!