Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Story of Us - 9 years later...

What can I say - I hit the jackpot marrying Joe! He's the kindest man I know and he still makes me giddy. :-) He's a wonderful provider for our family and leads us with love and humility. Thanks for making these past nine years so wonderful Babe!

The Story of Us:

Joe and I met on a blind date. I had just broken up with I guy who was a real jerk and had no interest in dating at the time. BUT, my good friend Catherine, kept insisting I go out with her boyfriends best friend (Joe). After turning her down for two weeks, I finally agreed. Joe was late picking me up - not the best start. I was sick of losers. (Of course this is where Joe always interrupts me and says, "It wasn't' my fault - I wasn't driving".) This was a group date. Anywhoo, he picks me up and I'm sure this will be a lame date. Men are still dirt for me at this point.

So, during the date, Joe and I end up in separate places for a few minutes. During this time, his best friend and my friend (who set us up), tell me that Joe had an interesting dream the night before. In his dream he met this girl named Irix and he knew she was the woman he would marry. The dream was perfect and the girl was perfect for him. Sooooo, being the trickster that I am, we decided to play a little joke on Joe.

Later that evening we were all sitting around and someone asks someone else what their middle name was. So, eventually Joe ended up asking me what mine was. I simply said, "Irix". His jaw dropped and he said, "WHAT?". To which I smartly came back with, "What, don't you like that name? That was my Grandmothers name........". Joe of course said he loved that name, etc, etc. It was so funny. Oh, and did I mention that I forgot to tell Joe about the little joke we played on him? He dropped me off that night thinking I was the woman of his dreams! Which I guess I ended up being anyway. :-)

Joe won my heart that night with his genuine kindness (and his hunky muscles). And even though I rejected his kiss, not once, but three times (hey, my Dad taught me how to play hard to get), we were married 7 months later. And like I said before, best decision I ever made.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why My Hubby is So Dang HOT!!

In a few days it'll be the 29th anniversary of my existence. I'm not exactly thrilled with this "holiday" soon approaching. And my dear hubby, knowing that it would be just too much for me to handle turning 29 AND having to clean my house, hired me a cleaning service to deep clean. Yeah, that's right - all the nicks and crannies baby! Ahh, I am totally enjoying writing this entry and not worrying about my sticky floor and dusty baseboards. The "magic fairies" (that just sounds better than cleaning ladies) are currently at work. In fact, Annalise just said, "Mmm, it smells good in here". Speaking of smelling good, maybe I'll go make some pre-birthday brownies.....because I have so much lovely time on my hands. Plus, knowing my thighs as intimately as I do, I'm sure they would really enjoy it.