Thursday, February 19, 2009

One thing I DON'T love...Urinary Reflux in Little Girls....Especially my little girl!

UPDATE: The test went well! Phoenix Childrens Hospital is AWESOME! We had such a better experience than last time. At Banner Desert, they had to try several times to get the cath in, this time it took only once. The whole procedure went so much better. Also, Ava's urologist recommended we ask for a Life Care Specialist. She was great. She helped explain things to Ava, got her excited about her hospital gown and kept her occupied with a princess pony movie, magic wands, etc. And even though Ava was scared she said, "Hi Doctor" with the sweetest smile and cutest voice ever (those of you who know Ava, know she has THE cutest voice). The doctor was taken aback that she was so sweet with everything going on. He said "that was quite possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen........ no, I know it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.". Anyway, after the procedure, the doctor said he didn't seen any sign of the reflux - meaning she outgrew it!! He's got to look at the images a little closer, but so far the news looks great. That means no surgery. Next Thursday we'll go to her urologist for an ultrasound to check for any kidney damage that could have happened over the past year, but I'm thinking (hoping) that it will be good too. Whew! I'm so glad the test is over - at least for her anyway. If we have any more kids, they have a 30% chance of the same problem and would each have to be tested when they're a few months old. But, at least it will be familiar territory and not as scary as the first time around. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Love you all!
Well it's been a year since Ava was diagnosed with urinary reflux (urine backing up into her kidneys, which can cause kidney damage). She been on antibiotics for a year while we've waited to see if her body will fix the problem itself. Tomorrow morning we go to Phoenix Children's Hospital for the procedure and I'm really nervous. Luckily since Joe is out of town on business, my sweet mom is coming with us. I'm more scared this time than last time b/c Ava is so much older and she'll remember this and won't be able to figure out why we are doing this to her. It's a painful procedure and they can't give her any drugs to sedate her b/c it can interfere with the results. I just can't handle when my child is looking at me, crying, and asking why this is happening. Just plain sucks! Anyway, the test will tell us if she needs surgery or if the problem fixed itself. Hopefully this will be the last test they'll have to do. Then, next week, she'll have an ultrasound of her kidneys to see if any damage was done during the last week. That's the scariest part. Once there is damage, there is no correcting it. Anyway, I just really hope Ava will be brave. This little girl is too sweet to have to deal with this!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Things I Love..

Sweet, little GIRLY-GIRLS and my new YELLOW SNAKESKIN HEELS. Yes, life is good.