Sunday, December 23, 2007

Here's a typical day...

Well, lots of things happen from minute to minute when you have kids around. Here are some fun things that have happened lately.

1. My kids (especially Annalise) love to pretend they are animals - usually a kitty cat! So here is Annalise being a kitty on a leash (yes I know usually dogs are on leashes, but don't tell Annalise - it keeps her really busy) and Ava taking her on a walk throughout the house. They can play this game for a good half hour.

2. It's definatly a kodac moment when your first born gets her first bloody nose! She was playing with her good friend Ella, when they somehow hit noses. Annalise comes screaming down the halls with blood dripping everywhere - and poor Ella is crying b/c Annalise is bleeding. So I settle Lisee on the couch with a cool rag for her nose and Ella climbs up next to her and sweetly says she's "sorry". Annalise tells her "it'll be okay, I'll just hold the rag and it will stop bleeding". It was so sweet that she recognized that her little friend was scared. Anyway, I'm just glad I kept my cool with it all!

3. Ava occasionally enjoys a little ghetto apparel. Just kidding, I just thought she looked cute with her hat to the side. She refused to keep it straight; every time I put it on, she'd just pull it over to the side. So of course I taught her to say, "Yo!". It was very cute.

4. Camels at the Phoenix zoo give a pretty smooth ride! What a fun thing to ride a camel. I hope she apprecitates that $10 we spent! :-)

5. And lastly, it's always more fun to play ball with lots of "friends"! What a great daddy Joe is to our girls!



Alisa, that is funny. When I saw the picture of your girls pretending to be a dog and walking the other one. My girls have been doing that a lot lately. They found our leash and have been doing the same thing. Not so good, when they tell you that one went to time out by the babysitter for choking the other while playing...uh,oh. :)

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Alisa, You are such a great mom. It's fun to you all you do with the girls and Joe is the best Dad too. You're creating great memories. Love, MOM

Kari & Justin said...

Isn't it fun when the kids start playing 'with' each other rather than fighting? What cute stories. Your family is so beautiful! Even Joe Joe!