Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Year of the HORSE!

As previously mentioned, this was the year of the horse for Annalise. She has probably 12-15 horses - all different sizes and types. Well, she has this one horse, appropriately named "Spirit". She sleeps with it, eats with it, and pretty much does everything with it. Well, everything would have to include PRAYING right? So family prayer time comes around and she asks if Spirit can say the prayer. She was serious the whole time, and it went something like this:

Annalise's voice, "Dear Heavenly Father"
Spirit's voice, "Neigh, Neigh"
Annalise's voice, "Thank you for our blessings"
Spirit's voice, "Neigh .....neigh.neigh.....neigh"
Annalise's voice, "Please bless us be safe"
Spirit's voice, "Neigh, neigh"
Annalise's voice, "Jesus Christ, Amen"
Spirit's voice, "Neigh".

It was hilarious!!

Okay, so some more funny things lately are:

1. We went into the girls restroom at church. And, lets just say there much have been a stinky diaper recently b/c it really stunk bad! Annalise immediately notices and says," Ew, it stinks bad.....there must be a boy in here!"

2. While in the bath tub, I tell Ava she's a little fishy. Then I ask Annalise is she's a fishy too. She says, "No , I'm a shark,, and sharks eat fish." :-)

3. At the dinner table she announces "Ava eats like a human".

Annalise - we sure love how fun you are to be with!


Danielle said...

I love all the new updates! Your girls are so cute. I have a niece who's obsessed with horses too. I swear she's got a hundred of them, and still that's all she asks for. Annalise's horse prayer is just too precious. It's crazy how fast they grow up.

shalene and dallas said...

That's so funny! You need to somehow record the "Spirit prayer" and send it to Americas funniest home videos.. How are things going? This week I am going to try and make your healthy cookies, I bought all the stuff so I will tell you how they turn out.


Chelsea said...

those are my favorite stories, I love hearing what kids come up with!

ESPÍRITU said...

The light that I leave you is of the color of my life...)
you have yahoo to BABEL FISH to understand the words.

Leave a comment:)

Jamie Young said...

Okay, that is too cute and funny! I just love how their little 3 yr old imaginations work. And the bathroom one is hilarious, although it doesn't say much for Joe, considering he's the only boy using your bathroom :)

Shanen said...

Cute stories. It is so nice when the big sisters start taking care of the little ones. It gives you a little more free time.

The Nichols Family said...

Oh cute! I love the horse story. Oh, and the boy in the bathroom story. It was probably my kid stinkin up the girls bathroom!

Vonda said...

My "girl" bathrooms smell alot, now I know why, its boys.

I know Karen from camp one year. We became instant friends and now Tuesdays have bonded us for life. She is a sweetheart.

camille kempton said...

Cade and Kennedi went through the Spirit phase too. We watched the movie several times a day for days on end. I could tell you what song comes next, etc. Thank goodness they have grown out of watching movies so much. Can't relate with the prayer experience though. Too funny!!

Kari & Justin said...

what a firecracker she is! We just love her and I can't believe how smart she is!

Jeppesen Family said...

I have a funny one to add: When I was babysitting her last week, She told me we don't lie b/c then we'd go to jail and that would be no good b/c they have bad food in jail.

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Loved all your stories of our darling grandchildren. Where do they come up with such cute things to say and do? Love, MOM