Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Princess Chili?

I had to write this down because if was such a funny moment. Maybe you had to be there, but I want to remember it. Here was our conversation at dinner tonight which happened to be chili:

Joe: Ava, take a bite, come on you can do it!
Ava: NO!
Joe: Come on Ava, I'll help you....just one more bite.
Ava: No, I not want it!!
Joe: Do you know what this is? Ava, this is what all the princesses, like Cinderella and Belle eat. It's princess chili and if you eat it you will turn into a princess!
Ava: (in a very stern and know it all voice) THIS NOT PRINCESS CHILI!!

So, maybe you have to know my child and how she would sound saying this, but I was busting up. She was serious and mad when she said it. Like she knew he was trying to pull one over on her. Maybe she'd have believed it if he had said it was Dora the Explorer Chili! That seems a little more appropriate! :-)

Oh, and another cute thing, for my own memories sake, Ava "meowed" the prayer yesterday. Joe asked her to say the prayers and he was helping her. Instead of repeating his words, she'd just meow like a kitten. After a few lines of meowing the prayer we all busted up laughing. She loves pretending she's a kitten -this is usually the only time I get some good snuggles so it's fine with me! :-)


Chelsea said...

WOW, some updates! Great job! I gotta give you some positive reinforcement so you'll keep it up! ;) Love the Princess Chili story! Thanks for comin by, sorry again about the blond moment.

thebigcookiefam said...

There is no foolin that girl, princesses do not eat chili Joe!

Nichols Family said...

Oh, that's hilarious. Chili is for Superheros I guess, not princesses :). Your cabin pics look so fun! When do we get to go out again...I'm getting antsy!

Kari said...

What a cute story. What a sweet girl she is. She definitely knows what she wants already!

Jamie Young said...

A+ for effort Joe, but I must agree with Ava, I don't ever recall seeing Cinderella chow down on a bowl of chili! The cabin pictures are gorgeous, what a fun getaway--and I'm still mad we never took advantage of Jennifer!

Shanen said...

That is cute, I think you have a smart princess on your hands.

Vonda said...

Princess's and kittys, can you ever get enough of them in a girl home? I scanned down a bit and you are a total Faith Hill - LUCKY!

Vonda said...
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Anonymous said...

Your girls have the cutest prayer stories!! And man could Joe not fool her about that princess chili!!

Jill said...

Hey Alisa! You are so cute! It was such a fun surprise to read your comment on my blog the other day! I'm so glad you found me while surfing blogs! I loved taking a look at what you've been up to - you have such a cute family!! Crazy huh?? Being a wife and mom already?!! Time goes by way too fast! keep in touch!!

jill (jerman) tanner :)