Monday, December 8, 2008

I Can't Tweeze My Eyebrows!

Joe and I went rock climbing on Saturday. I wanted some variations to my workout and wanted to find something we could do together. Little did I know how sore it would make me. I thought my legs and biceps would be sore. Nope. My fingers are KILLING me! And my forearms too! In fact, I went to tweeze a few stray hairs on my eyebrows and yikes! I was very much reminded of the previous days activity! So here's to rock climbing and Joe and I getting certified next Saturday!!

Oh, and of course I must mention (in case Joe ever looks at this blog), that he beat my climbing time on each climb! Once only be mere seconds! I swear, he's like a monkey the way he climbs! I, however in my competitive nature, did three more climbs than he did. Yeah, that's right! And I'm going to practice so next time I can beat his time. I have to find one sport that I'm better at than him. Good luck to me!

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Shanen said...

You are so good to be so active and find the time to do it. I guess I just lack the movitation, but I wish I had it. Good for you, and even better to have someone to do it with.