Sunday, February 17, 2008

A few of my FAVORITE things!

This past week, since Ava's been so sick, I've been thinking a lot of one of my favorite things.

1.Our GATED COURTYARD is one of my absolute favorite things! Why? It's locked and it's all paved, so my kids can go OUTSIDE and play and still remain CLEAN! I mean those words are music to my ears:
KIDS+OUTSIDE PLAY can = CLEAN! Hallelujah!
And it's nice when the kids have their own space and feel so independant. Lisee spent a lot of time out there while I attended to Ava this week. And she loved every minute! She even made a water park for her polley pocket dolls!

Plus, since the gate is locked (which by the way, don't you all love the design - I designed it after many hours of work) so I have almost NO SOLICITORS! And, of course I feel much safer at night when Joe's out of town on business.
And since I was thinking of favorites, here's a few other fav's of mine:
2. My GIGIANTIC PANTRY! I love my pantry! It's one of the reasons we chose this house (the others being the courtyard and the playroom right next to the kitchen). I can't even get the whole pantry in these pictures! I love being able to store all my food storage in one place - I actually end up using it this way! I also can store numerous kitchen appliances, dog food, kids bikes (and other misc toys that get put in "time-out"! :-) This is usually one of the first places I show people when I give them a "tour" of our house. THAT is how much I love this 8x8ft room! In our last house, we didn't even have a pantry, it was just a cupboard. So now, I'm enjoying the overcompensation!

3. And finally, my most current favorite thing has got to be a SLEEPING BABY who really needs a lot of rest to get recoop after this very sick week! What more can I say!

What are some of your favorite things?


Danielle said...

Oooh, I have pantry envy. Our little house has no storage space and it drives me nuts. It has forced us to be creative though. That, and we have to regularly de-junk our house since there just isn't room for it. And I'm jealous your kids can even go outside. Aah, Spring. *sigh*

Jamie Young said...

Yes, I am definately jealous of your courtyard and pantry! And I'm equally impressed that you designed the gate yourself and that your pantry is so organized!

Heidi Ann said...

1. I'm jealous of your delicious courtyard 2. Killer pantry 3. Those were the more naps in our house, DANG! Something I love, chubby cheaks!

camille kempton said...

Nice job on the gate design. And that is an impressive, organized food supply! That's awesome!

Crystal said...

The gate is beautiful, but I think I might have to say that the pantry is EVEN MORE SO!!! So organized, a woman after my own heart!