Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

My friend did this and I thought it was fun, although I only know who two of my "look-a-likes" are! Which celebrities do you look like?

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family reunion - Genelogy


Jamie Young said...

These are fun to do, I did Jayden and most of his look-a-likes were girls! I was glad to FINALLY see your cruise pictures :) It looks gorgeous and is getting me anxious to go next year, can't wait! And that is a crazy huge starfish, no wonder you were tempted to keep it!

Jeppesen Family said...

I think you look most like Faith Hill. And yes, my mom did take that picture. There are some others she took on on older post. You can look at them in my archive under May. Matt has some she took of his family, too, on his blog. That way you can see if you want her to take yours. I think she does a good job. She's trying to start her business.

Nichols Family said...

Yep, Kim Smith or Faith Hill...I can see it both ways.

WishTrish said...

You plan girls night out, and I'll go again to see Mama Mia! Loved it!

The Ratcliffs said...

Hey- I am gonna take a few blog address's from your blog if thats ok like the gutteries and people from the ward.
Someday I will have to write you an e-mail about how lucky you are with the way Shamrock ward does Acheivement days. WOW it is crazy here. Sara

The Ratcliffs said...

Funny- You know Tiffany Jennings?
I worked with Casey for a year or so and now I work with Lance his little bro.
When you have a minute can you
message Chelsea Figgins so I can add her because it is private and I cant find my old ward list.
Thanks Alisa.

Kari said...

Mary Tyler Moore? No no, you are much hotter!