Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! LA Girls trip

Here's some pics from our girls weekend this past February (yes, this is what a lame blogger I am). The pictures aren't all in order b/c I'm lame and couldn't figure out how to move them without having to do it all over again. Sorry!

Okay, my Mom will kill me for this first picture, but I had to post it! While we were on our girls trip in LA, we went to Wicked and this guy was sitting next to my mom. She had this heavy coat on and for some reason we asked him to take a picture with our mom. So he put his arm around her and it just happened that his hand ended up on her puffy coat in a bit of an strange position! :-) Then he gave her a kiss on the cheek after the picture. Watch out buddy - she's married! :-)

Of course our trip was primarily all about the shopping! We literally shopped till we dropped! I found some steals in the fashion district at a sample sale.

Gotta love a JUICY bag!
Okay, we heard about the cupcake place "Sprinkles" from Oprah, so we drove to Beverly Hills JUST for the cupcakes. Then we found out there's a Sprinkles in Scottsdale. Yeah, we're pretty lame! :-)
My Aunt Jenny graciously opened her gorgeous LA house to my Mom, sisters and I for our trip. We had so much fun with our cousins and Aunt. They took us so many fun places and it was just good to see them and their beautiful families. Thanks Aunt Jenny!

We went to the show WICKED and it was sooo good! My favorite I've seen. And since then, I've been compared to Galinda (sp?) many times! Oh yeah, I'm proud to be Galindafied! Okay, so it's not a real word, but work with me!

Oh, we ate so many calories on this trip.......

Thanks girls for a great trip! Sorry I'm such a lame blogger and FINALLY posted something of our trip! I'm trying to play catch up.


brownymama said...

It was lots of fun! I think you should take off the Sprinkles picture! I look awful in that pic! (:

Kari said...

I had so much fun with you Alisa. What a great time. Cant wait to do another trip...just the girls!

J&K Freeman said...

You lucky girl! I have been dying to go see wicked. When it was at Gammage and sold out, I stood in a huge line every day in blazing weather just to see if I would get the few tickets in the drawing for that night. I never got in, so I got the CD instead.

Anonymous said...

wow, so many fun trips! LA sounded so fun, and Wicked is by far my favorite play too!! Gotta love the song "Popular!" So fun.