Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Ramblings..

My awesome parents hosted their first annual "Grandkids Christmas Party". They sent invitations out addressed to the kids and made it very special. The kids played Christmas Bingo where they won ornaments (most of which were my childhood ornaments so it made it special). They decorated cookies, had special drinks and of course had lots of candy. Then my Dad read a Christmas story and then the kids did little talents. My girls sang "Mary had a Baby". And guess who parked his reindeer on the golf course below my parents house? Santa of course! My Dad went and took care of Santa's reindeer so that Santa could come give gifts to the kids. It was a magical evening and we look forward to next year. Love ya Mom and Dad!

Christmas Day
We opened lots of fun presents - but I totally forgot to take pictures of the opening act. The favorite presents for the girls were the plasma cars, microphone and their new play kitchen. My favorite presents were the plethora of gift cards for shopping and my Tiffany's charm bracelet. Thanks babe! Joe's favorites was the red wood garden trellis for his grape vines and the indoor b.ball thing-a-magiggy that folds into the wall.
After gift opening, Ava and I did a little yoga. :-) Not the most classy shot, but I found this on my camera a few days later. Joe - next time shoot from the front - it's a much nicer view! :-) Ava tried doing all the poses for about ten minutes and it was pretty darn cute.

We had a yummy Christmas dinner at my house. The best present of all was that my darling niece Bree was out of the hospital in time for Christmas! Hooray! Keep up the prayers as this week she's getting tested to see if these past few months of chemo have worked. We're praying for a miracle that it's completely gone, vanished, tootaloo.

Well, we had a great Christmas this year. We had a great year in general. And our little family looks forward to many, many more great ones to come. We hope you are too!


camille kempton said...

Hey you never emailed me a pic of the playroom walls. Gotta have it! Take care.

brownymama said...

Okay, great post about Christmas, but the Annie post with Ava singing, totally steals the show!! Soooo cute!!

Jamie Y said...

What cute grandparents! It makes me sad that my parents are so far away (sniff,sniff). I love that you and Joe ride the plasma cars just as much as the girls! And your sweet little neice...we'll definately keep her in our prayers and you'll have ot let us know what happens with the tests.

WishTrish said...

My goodness! Now that I've seen pics of your Dad, I'd say Ava is a little Grandpa! How cute that she was doing the yoga moves with you!

Love that shot of you, by the way, Alisa... Love it. Wish I looked so cute hanging upside down. Wish it.

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Thanks for sharing Christmas memories. It was a great Christmas, especially to have Bree out of the hospital. Daring yoga shot!!! Loved it.