Monday, January 5, 2009

For Your Enjoynment

Since I've been a lame blogger lately, I'm making up for it with this hilarious video, Enjoy!


Chris said...

Just one word. Hilarious!!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

That was hilarious!! Can you imagine one of your girls doing that? Wait, wasn't you who used to put snakes down your shirt in Greer?!!!

Just K said...

Oh, that is so gross! I am so glad that wasn't one of my girls.

Amy said...

Hi Alisa,
Saw your blog- very cute- can I add you to my "blogs I frequent"?

Mine is:


Jamie Y said...

I am dying laughing, that is HILARIOUS! It reminds me so much of my little sister. We lived in Georgia where there were tons of frogs and she would keep them on her head under her hat, or in a cup at the dinner table or in her dresser drawers where my mom would find them dead a week later. Will you email me that link, I totally want to forward it to my family.