Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Loved Man....My Dad!

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day!

I hope you know what wonderful memories I have of my childhood and a lot of that is because of you! You always initiated family outings, work projects, and everyday ways to become closer as a family. At the time I didn’t really understand what you were doing – I truly didn’t realize how much work and effort it was to include us kids. It’s so much easier to buy “the wanted toy” for your child, than to teach them the principle of hard word and ownership. I find myself constantly thinking how you would handle a situation. Most of the time I feel like I am failing miserably in comparison to how good of a parent you were to me. But I’ll keep trying – with advice from you along the way!!

I also find myself telling me friends about you often – about the principles you taught us, and all the lessons I learned as a child. Many of these lessons my friends are now learning the hard way. THANK YOU!!! I am truly indebted to you for the wisdom I learned at such a young age. I’m also so grateful that you were strict enough to keep me in line – because heaven only knows what trouble I could have found myself in, if not for your watchful eye.

And along with the lessons learned, you showed me great love. You always tried to spend time with me. I didn’t always take advantage of that time, something I wish I could take back. I always felt so special with the one on one time you gave to me. I knew you loved me then, and I know you love me now. I always felt important in your life. And you – dear Paps – are just as important in MY life. I love you so much. Thank you for being the most wonderful Father I can imagine. I love you!

PS - let me not forget the father of my children either. Joe - you are such a wonderful father to our little girls. Often I find myself wondering how you have the patience you do with them. They adore you! They light up when you come home. They ask for you constantly. They LOVE you and so do I. Thank you for being so wonderful.


Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Okay so reading this note a 2nd time, I find that I'm crying tears of joy. I've thought alot about what a good father Dad was (is). I think one of the main things I've identified is that he didn't just let things happen with you kids. He had a plan from the gold coin of virture to how to answer the phone, to a work ethic. He willed that his children would grow up in truth and righteousness. Yes, he is and was a tremendous father and husband. I am eternally grateful that he allowed me to stay home and be a mom just like all the boys in our family are doing for their wives. Joe is a perfect example of this also. You are blessed to have a good righteous husband and priesthood holder. We love you both and the girls.
Thanks for the tribute to Dad and Joe.
PS. And by the way you are a wonderful mother and wife and will bless your family as well.

brownymama said...

Alisa, are you tring to steal my spot as the favorite daughter?? That was a sweet tribute and so very true. I love you too, Dad!

Nichols Family said...

So sweet Alisa. Oh, and your CA trip on Jaime's blog looked so fun! Glad you had a ball! :)