Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pony Party for Annalise and Ava the Birthday Girls!

Lots of Pictures of the FOUR parties we had to celebrate our girls! Sorry they are not in order - something is wrong with blogger so I can't move the pics in the right order! Ava and Joe at their bday party.

Joe enjoying the last of Shirleys cake!

Ava eating her edible bracelet.

All the kids got to make bracelets.

The cute cake Shirley made. It was yummy. She's so sweet to make cakes for them. It's become a tradition that they remember and ask for her cakes every year. Thanks Shirley - you are a wonderful friend.

The long line for a pony ride!!

The Darling Birthday Girls!

What a fun day!

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters whose birthdays are just a month apart. Annalise turned 5 and Ava turned 3. Actually we ended up doing about 4 parties - one for Annalise with Joe's parents, another later that day for Annalise with MY parents, one for Ava with family friends and the big joint party in between their actual birthdays! Whew! We decided to do a joint party for them and go all out and get ponies! They were soooo excited and had such a wonderful time at their party. All the kids loved the pony rides too. My good friend Shirley made the rainbow cake and it was as good on the inside as it looked on the outside. We forgot to get a good picture of it before the first piece was served though. I made the other pony cake - although half of the marshmellow "fence" got taken down before we got that picture too! I was nervous that one cake wouldn't be enough so I made an extra one just in case. Boy am I glad I did! The day was wonderful with lots of family and friends. Also, the birthday for Ava was also celebrating Joe's bday (Happy BDay Babe). I made a yummy Lemon Poppyseed cake with strawberry filling and a white chocolate frosting. Holy Cow was that worth every calorie! Thanks to all who came and Happy Birthday my darling daughters! We love you!!


Jeppesen Family said...

Happy Birthday guys! Looks like a lot of fun!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Loved all the celebration pictures. Your pony party was much fun. Happy birthday Joe and girls.

Tanner said...

very cute!! What a fun b-day party!! They looked adorable!

Emily Ruth said...

Oh my heck--I can see these parties were Ah-Mazing. I would have loved a pony party as a little girl! Looks like a ton of fun. Happy Birthday ladies: )

Jamie Y said...

I'm sad I missed the pony party, but my kids had a blast. Atleast I got to eat some of that DELICIOUS cake! Thanks so much again for such a great weekend, you guys are awesome!