Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Annalise

I had to blog this so I didn't forget.

Tonight I made a dinner that Joe and I love - it's very healthy and kind of a "raw" dish. Well, tonight I decided that the little ones would try it for the first time (usually I tweak theirs to be more kid friendly) but I was cranky and tired and didn't want to make two dinners.

They tried it.

They tried to be gracious.........Well, Annalise did. Ava immediately spit out each bite she'd take. Finally she settled on just eating of few of the veggies raw - w/o the rest of the meal.

After trying and trying to get them to eat, Annalise comes to me and whispers, "Please Mommy, can we not eat this?".

I looked at Joe - the look that says, "Okay, I give up, they don't have to eat it". I put my head down on the table - I wasn't crying or anything - although I thought about it. I was just sad they wouldn't eat this healthy meal and again - I was TIRED. Joe - being the rock star he is - jumped up and said, "who wants eggs!".

Annalise after seeing my head came and asked me what was wrong. I told her I was sad because they didn't like my dinner.

A few minutes later she whispers in my ear, "I know what will make you not be sad.... I will clean up the whole play room and surprise you!". I smiled. She cleaned. Joe made eggs. They ate them willingly. Then Annalise brings me a present to make me feel "even more happy". It's a necklace that I had given to her when I was cleaning out my jewelry last year. I was re-gifted by my 5 year old (yes, she's 5 now and my next post will be about her awesome birthday party).

Joe then leaves to do Elders Quorum visits. I start the dreaded kitchen clean up of 2 meals, plus banana bread I made earlier. I sent the kids outside so I could clean. I'm still tired.

After a few minutes I check on the girls. They are swinging together on the glider swing and no one is yelling, fighting or crying. I tell them thank you - this is a big thing in our house. Annalise tells me I'm the "best Mommy ever for not making her eat that dinner". She checks on me again, asking if I'm still sad. She says, "Mom, I'm very sorry I didn't like your healthy dinner." I smile and say it's okay.

Sometimes that little devil can be so sweet and considerate of my feelings. I just had to write it down so I'll remember the other 95% of the time! :-)

PS - are you wondering where all these fantastic photos of my family have been coming from? Trevor Dayley Photography. He's stellar. Seriously. Amazing. Like a miracle worker for my children. Go check out his blog and if you mention I'm your friend he'll knock off $50 from your session, photo shop select images AND give you all the digital negatives. He's seriously awesome. Plus, you'll get to see many more of our families photos - we're all over his blog. Yeah, I'm pretty much famous. :-) http://www.trevordayley.com/


Kari said...

What a sweet story! GIrls are so sensitive! My boys could care less about my feelings. ha ha. I love that she re-gifted you the necklace and that you were able to have some nice quiet (non-fighting) play time. Love you!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

What a sweetheart. Tell Annalise she was so kind and thoughtful to her mother and that's makes her Grandma and Grandpa so happy. And yes, Joe is a rock star and you Alisa are a great mother. All your hardwork raising your girls is coming to pass. We think they will be very loving and nuturing just like you.

Continue finding "Joy in the Journey" of motherhood and your husband and children. We love you, thanks for sharing this sweet story.

Emily Ruth said...

This is really a precious journal entry. Nothing better than understanding from the kids and the hubby.

EmJoy said...

Hey Alisa, it's Emily (Layton) Green. I live in Terre Haute, Indiana-hubby's in grad school-and just wanted to say hello. Your girls are so cute! Glad to see you're doing well. Take care and keep blogging!

Jamie Y said...

Those moments definately make it all worth it, what a sweetheart! Amazing pictures, can I get your autograph??

Chelsea said...

Cute story! I'm with Jamie, I totally know a famous person.

p.s. I did the P90x yoga tonight, it kicked my trash! a bit more intense than the gym class...or maybe just 30 minutes too long!