Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cabin and Summer Fun

We were at the cabin a lot this summer but I was lame and only took a few pics!

We went on a hike to our favorite pond and picked wild rasberries. They are yummy! I used to do this as a kid and bring them back to the cabin for my mom to make muffins with. So, we let the tradition continue and our girls were so excited for me to make these muffins with their hand picked rasberries. They worked hard for these and had LOTS of scrapes to prove it! :-)

Cute Cousins!

The family on the Fourth of July!


Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Fun memories! It tickles us that you carry on the traditions of Greer...hikes, berry picking, 4th of July parade.....that's what the cabin is all about.

Jamie Y said...

Ahhhh, Greer, my new love. I hope those walls didn't do any talking ;)

Heiner Happenings said...

We were up at the cabin a lot this summer too. We were even up there and at the same fourth of July parade!....How funny huh?