Friday, March 28, 2008

Bull Riding is Cancelled - I'm so Bummed!

Due to Ava's pneumonia we are cancelling tonight's date night. I was soooo hoping she'd be better by today, but she woke up again during the night needing more breathing treatments. I just don't feel good about leaving her with a sitter. We WILL do this date thought if it kills me! Probably in two weeks we'll do it. I'll post the time and date once she's better. Thanks for understanding.


WishTrish said...

I am so sorry to hear about the pneumonia! I had that in January and it was awful, but it would be so much worse for me if it were one of my children!!! Well, let us know when it gets rescheduled for and we'll try to make it this time (no pinewood derby in the way).

Nichols Family said...

Man, I'm so sorry about your kids! I hope you're able to reschedule your fun date night. Trent and I will go (I just can't ride the bull) but I'd love to watch him and other friends try!!!