Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, the lessons we learn from our kids!!

My Baby is Growing up!!
The other day Annalise was wearing this cute outfit that made her look so grown up. So all day I kept grabbing her and kissing her and saying things like, "Oh, Lise, you're so big, you're not my little baby anymore, what am I going to do? Will you still love me when you get big, will you sit on my lap and let me hold you?" So I really laid it on thick and I swear, she really was loving the attention. Every time she'd come over and kiss me and say that "yes, she'd be my baby forever", etc, etc etc. Well when Joe got home that night I started saying, "Joe doesn't she look so big, she's not my little baby anymore! What am I going to do?" Etc, Etc Etc. Then Annalise comes overs, looks at me really sweet, pats my cheeks with both hands and says, "Mom, I will always love you and I'll always be your baby......but can you not complain anymore?" Yeah, I just about busted up! But hey, at least she gets the concept of complaining! :-)


Kari & Justin said...

That is such a cute story Alisa. Your little girl is growing so fast! She's such a smartie!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute!! And she does look so big and so adorable in that outfit!