Thursday, March 27, 2008


There will be no pictures on this post. Just my frustrations. I am tried of sickness. I had the flu last weekend, and while I am feeling almost normal again, Annalise has gotten a bad cough, has a fever and "says" her tummy hurts. Ava has an ear infection, tonsillitis, and pneumonia. All this week. What is going on in our lives? We have never had so many sicknesses and injuries in month. I've spent over $400 in the month of March for co-pays/prescriptions, etc. And that's WITH insurance! I do not understand how anyone can go without insurance! That's a bankruptcy bill just waiting for you! I've had to cancel so many fun things this week and I'm starting to get upset by this. When will it end? I'll tell you when it'll end - TONIGHT - because I really want to make it for our date night! So all you germs out there - listen up! You better stay clear of the Larson's because we've had enough! That's right.....I'm watching you....and I'll be waiting with my Lysol can in hand!


brownymama said...

My poor sis! You have had a terrible month. It will get better though. Wish I could help out with something! Hang in there.

Chelsea said...

I am in the same boat this year, my kids have never had the flu or pnemonia & they both got the wicked week long stomach flu, & then Kosty got pnemonia...I hear you. But the constant antibiotics are what make their immune systems so weak, I promise I was really, really good last year & they never got sick..I gave them probiotics (from sprouts-chewable grape flavor) & did the chiropractor for Kosty for his ear infections, they were both so healthy when I was doing that. As for the date night, I totally forgot that it was Riggs movie night & we promised Brayden we would go! Sorry!! Do get the probiotics, they help SOO much for kids that have been on antibiotics. (But do them when they have finished the course) Hang in there, I feel your pain, this has been a very bad season!
Sorry about the novel :)

Nichols Family said...

Oh! I really hope you can make it to your date night! Those blasted germs! What is this nonsense? Anything I can do to help?